Jalondra Davis

Jalondra Davis

A Black feminist           artist-intellectual with a fierce pen and a super cool kid


With all the rhythm, poetry, and pain...

of a Black girl's childhood, Jalondra Davis tells the story of Tanis Sutton, a 10 year old girl who dreams of having straight hair, happy parents, and an ice-cream colored house on the west side of town. Mischievous and attention-seeking, Tanis struggles with playground romance and schoolyard cliques in the midst of her family's bitter betrayals, which threaten to unravel them as a city explodes. Woven into this simple coming of age story is a powerful statement of the trauma, humor, confusion, and beauty of growing up Black in early-nineties LA.

Jalondra Davis weaves a vibrant tale of South Central life in the 1990s on the brink of the Rodney King verdict. With witty prose and masterful storytelling, she explores tense race relations and the breakdown of a family plagued by poverty, infidelity and an unthinkable tragedy. “Butterfly Jar” is a raw but poignant slice of urban life.
— Nicole D Sconiers, author of "Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage"